Alvin C. York Institute

Compact for Achievement

The Teacher Will

  • Provide high quality curriculum and instruction using Common Core Standards for Reading and Math so students will meet the Stateís academic achievement standards as well as District goals.

  • Provide instruction in the subject/grade level for which I am responsible.

  • Provide a safe, pleasant, and drug-free atmosphere for learning.

  • Explain assignments and deadlines clearly to students.

  • Provide clear assessments of student progress and achievement to both the student and parent/guardian on a timely basis.

  • Be available for conferencing with the parent/guardian as necessary.

  • Provide parent opportunities to volunteer, participate and observe classroom activities.

The Student Will

  • Do my best in all that I do.

  • Respect the rights of others so learning is not distracted or disrupted.

  • Come to class prepared and on time with necessary materials.

  • Give to my parents/guardian and/or teachers all notices and information received by me.

  • Read 20 minutes each day outside of school.

  • Contact school advisor at least once a semester to review grades, credits, future plans, etc.

The Parent Will

  • Stay informed of my childís education: check school/teacher website/read all school communication.

  • Review homework assignments and offer assistance when needed.

  • Encourage my child to read 20 minutes each day outside of school.

  • Review assessments on a regular basis; sign progress reports and make every effort to attend Parent-Teacher Conferences.

  • Demonstrate interest in the studentís well-being by attending school functions, find opportunities to volunteer and support the studentís school activities.

  • Ensure that the student gets to school each day, on time, and ready to learn.

Communication about
Student Learning/Progress

Alvin C. York Agricultural Institute is committed to frequent two-way communication with families about student learning. Some of the ways you can expect us to communicate are:
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences-Fall & Spring.

  • School website.

  • Family Engagement Activities.

  • Phone calls, e-mails, notes, etc.

  • School and Community newspaper.

  • Progress Reports.

  • Surveys.

  • Home visits.

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