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Dragon J.Staff Mission Statement:
In student produced publications that are relevant to the student body and our community, we strive to positively represent every student and group on our campus as they engage in the high school experience.

Journalism is a hybrid class and club. There are four skill-sets we explore: gathering information, media publication, business management and graphic design. Each of these four skill-sets have numerous components within themselves.

The Student Journalism Staff (or j.staff for short) is actively involved in the production of the Mountaineer (the YAI yearbook) and the Pine Needles (a newspaper page periodically inserted in the Fentress Courier).

Students' don't have to be talented writers or photographers, but having interest in those fields will help. All students may enroll, but due to limited seating there is a screening process. See Mr. Crabtree for details. Dues are not required to take the class but they are required for active club membership. Dues = $15.

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