Alvin C. York Institute

Business Office

Mr. Chris Norman
SS Procurement Officer 2

Ms. Connie Delk

Ms. Debbie Johnson

Mrs. Shana Pyle

Ms. Heather Harvill

Employee Forms and Information

Quick Reference
Personnel Cheat Sheet
Leave Balance Report-10 Month
Leave Balance Report-12 Month
Enrollment Information
Travel Request Form
Notice of Student Obligation
Release of Student Obligation
Public Higher Education Fee Waiver
Fair Labor Standards Changes
Compensatory or Cash Overtime Request
Fundraising Activities
Cell-Phone Policy
Child Custody Papers
Credit Recovery
Equipment and Supply Management
Tenure Contract
Allergy Form
School Support Organizations
Lead in Drinking Water
Private Vehicle Use
Work-Based Learning Programs
Use of Copyrighted Materials
Criminal Gang Activity or Association
Buildings and Ground Management

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