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It is that time of the year again for the Tennessee Employee's Charitable Campaign (TECC)! This year's dates are from October 24 - November 18, and presents a great way for you to get involved in joining together to help our local community by supporting charitable organizations!
Last year the Department of Education donated a total of $5,172.84, which was used to help many organizations that support the health and wellness of our community. This year our department is striving to increase our donations by 4% or $5,379.75. By joining together and donating by either giving a onetime amount or choosing to donate a monthly amount we can easily reach this year's goal!
Attached is a List of organizations that are options to donate. You may choose up to three organizations and select your donation amount. Once you recieve your brochure please consider your options and act quickly to participate in this year's campaign. Once you have completed your donation form please scan and email them to

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