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Mr. Sam Brown, Program Coordinator

- B.S. - Animal Science, TTU
- M.A. - Curriculum and Instruction, TTU
- Ed.S. - Instructional Leadership, TTU
Natural Resource Management
Landscaping and Turf Sciences
Veterinary Science
Work Based Learning
Wildlife Management
Ms. Patricia Beaty

- B.S. - Business, TTU
- Ed. S. - Instructional Leadership, TTU
Computer Applications
Personal Finance
Dennis Wright

Automotive Maintenance and Light Repair I, II, III, & IV
Mrs. Gina Gammon

- B.S. - Elementary Education Grades (1-8), TTU
- B.S. - Secondary Education Home Economics Grades (7-12), TTU
Lifespan Development
Intro to Human Services
Family Studies
Mrs. Jill Jones

- A.S. - Applied Science, RSCC
- Registered Nurse
Pharmacological Sciences
Health Science Education
Nursing Education
Medical Therapeutics
Mr. Bret Patton

- A.S. - Conservation Law Enforcement, Vincennes
- Occupational Teachers License, TSU
Principles of Manufacuring
Welding I
Welding II
Mr. JC Potter

- B.S. - Agricultural Education, UT
Small Animal Science
Large Animal Science
Landscaping and Turf Sciences
Mrs. Cheryl Tays

- A.S. - Business Administration, RSCC
- B.S. - Accounting, TTU
- M.S. - Human Resource Development, UT
- M.S. - Instructional Technology, UT
- Ed.S. - Instructional Leadership, TTU
Information Technology Foundations
Web Design Foundations
Introduction to Business and Marketing
Marketing and Management I: Principles
Mr. Greg Qualls

- Tennessee Contractors License
Fundamentals of Construction
Residential and Commercial Construction I
Residential and Commercial II
Ms. Marissa Wright

- B.S. - Agriculture Education/Agriculture Communication, TTU
Greenhouse Managment
Small Animal Sciences
Organizational Leadership
Veterinary Science
Enviromental Science

Career Tech Student Organzations are imperative to the success of Career Tech Programs.
The common goals of each organzation is to develop leadership skills and career awareness.

Click on the CTSO icon to visit the National Website for each organization.

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